There will be a bright future and applications of AR & VR. If we want to experience this foreseen future sooner, we should increase the amount of VR & AR content creation and accelerate the speed of adopting these complex technologies. On this page, we have gathered some useful resources in the field. We don’t have any relationships with their publishers, but we believe they can assist the learning experience and motivate people to improve their analytical skills on the matter.

Augmented reality (AR) is the future of Restaurant Menus?

An article that provides a unique viewpoint and insights about the power of motion graphics and AR when used to increase the restaurant visitors’ engagement and trust. With AR’s application, the menu is no longer a mere printed list of the offered dishes in the restaurant. AR broadens the opportunities and transforms the regular menu into a powerful experience.

This piece shines the light on the enormous potential of AR & VR in digital marketing and effective communication between brands and customers. As mentioned in the article: “Studies on the psychology of VR and AR have proven beyond doubt that immersive technology leads to the most effective and impressionable form of content.”

Redefining Experiences In 2020 For VR & AR Consumers
Virtual Reality Tutorial - VFX and Virtual Reality Theory Basics

Currently, there are two significant challenges in regards to AR & VR. First is the lack of vision of most of the organizations. AR is yet to be adopted as an inseparable asset of digital marketing campaigns. The other challenge lies in the VR/AR “content” creation. In this mini-course, most of the challenges in regards to VR creation are addressed, and also, there are a few interesting case studies.