The mission of “Technologies and Innovations” Foundation is to support, promote and educate about innovations and cutting edge tools and techniques which inspire and challenge people for new ventures and enhance their quality of life. The main goal is to use our experience to teach and inform people and organizations about VR, AR and MR technologies and contents that share a clear message, help make smart decisions or improve the working process. Our main reasons are that we believe modern technologies are a bridge to the future that plays an immense role in economic growth and how people interact with the surrounding environment.

At ”Technologies and Innovations” Foundation we are a team, passionate about immersive technologies, who strive to share more about them with society. Through our experience, we teach and educate about VR, AR, and MR technologies and content. Our practise shows that those types of tech and content are more efficient in sharing clearer messages, making informed decisions, and have the potential to simplify the working process of both organizations and individuals.

”Technologies and Innovations” Foundation aspires to answer the need for digitization and virtualization of processes, products, and services with the help of AR, VR, and MR. At this point, we’ve already developed a variety of solutions in the sphere of Augmented and Virtual Reality that could change and advance lives forever.

Our goal is to bridge the gap between the physical world, which is three-dimensional, and most of the data, trapped on screens and pages with only two-dimensional capabilities.

The personal and professional background of our team members with AR & VR, the know-how we’ve built through the years based on our work with many organizations, and the constant deep research we do, are the main reasons that make us believe that these modern technologies are a gateway to a brighter future, and will play an immense role in economic growth and how people will interact with the surrounding environment.

What We Do

Explaining and popularizing the power of immersive technologies. 

Thanks to our experience with augmented, virtual and mixed reality, we are working on explaining the connection between the physical world as we know it and the virtual one. We understand that this type of technology is especially useful for organizations and individuals ready to fully leverage the potential of the two-dimensional (2D) information available to us and transform it into a highly influential experience delivered into the realm of AR & VR.

Through modern technologies such as AR, VR, and MR (mixed reality), every individual or organization can experience the digital world and its content in a way that is far more influential and better suited for particular purposes.

With the help of these technologies, the wall between digital data and the real world can be removed. At ”Technologies and Innovations” Foundation, one of our main goals is to make AR & VR tech accessible to more people. The foundation’s team has observed the AR and VR’s potential in the areas where those types of technologies can be used as complementary tools or as the main medium for delivering digital information and experiences. That motivated us to develop and provide accessible ways for other organizations and individuals to learn and use VR, AR and MR with no or very few limitations. Because AR, VR and MR technologies have the potential to be fundamental stepping stones in our progress as a human race.

The potential of these types of technologies is becoming more clear each year, and this catalyzes their growth. This situation provides enormous advantages for the early adopters of mixed and virtual reality tech that have foreseen its potential. The statistics have shown some stunning numbers in terms of growth and efficiency when immersive technologies are implemented in the right way.

Industry leaders in areas like:

    mechanical engineering

are experiencing growth and optimization of their workflow processes at impressive rates.

For example, a leading aircraft building company managed to shorten the inspection time for their products (aircraft) by 96% by reducing the needed inspection time from 36 hours to only 90 minutes. In general, most companies that have already adopted AR tech in their manufacturing benefits from at least 25% time optimization. In areas like manufacturing, the effect of AR implementation is easily measurable, but the potential of this type of technology is not limited only to the optimization of workflows and prototyping.

Educational and Communication Campaigns and Events

It is clearly visible that there are vast amounts of potential niches that can benefit from AR and VR. Still, one of the clear winners that can extract the maximum from AR & VR is the education and the digital marketing areas. Overall in every field that a digital piece of information can be produced, AR and VR technologies can be game-changers. An excellent example is AR’s use in educating new medical students to take blood samples – their success rate increased by 45%. Another great use of AR is in enhancing human decision-making processes. AR’s benefits can easily be demonstrated when it comes to humans and their way of processing information. Studies show an interesting fact – that around 80-90% of our brain’s “computing power”, when it comes to sensory decoding, is consumed from our vision.

But here comes the tricky part. Our mental capacity limits our ability to absorb and comprehend information.

For example, reading information from a computer screen is far more demanding and increasing the “cognitive load” for our brains compared to hearing this information. When we read, first, we have to decipher the visual information (the text). We need to transcode that information into an auditory type, and only after that, we can actually start to work out the meaning of what we have read. The cognitive load is increased additionally by the “distance” or the speed at which we process the bits of information. The text information undergoes а few types of transformation (thus having to pass a greater “distance” before it is transcoded) – from visual to auditory. Only then it is decoded by our brains. The significant idea here is that augmented reality is sparing us from a lot of brain “decoding” and thus decreasing the mental load. Another crucial feature of AR is that it immerses the user deeply and automatically puts him in a more focused state – a fact that is crucial for the effective assimilation of the content.

In short – when a person is viewing an AR created image, the brain doesn’t get so tired of processing unnecessary information (3D images and videos are not decoded like the 2D content and text is – they are perceived as they are because our brains are operating with three-dimensional modality by nature) and its attention is clearly focused on the task at hand. 

These features of the immersive technologies are allowing for very quick decision-making. Having those facts in mind, we can easily understand why AR & VR/MR are a big part of the future of digital content and why this type of data representation will become so important for the communication and the marketing of organizations.

Making VR Accessible

As ”Technologies and Innovations” Foundation has experienced the power of VR on multiple occasions, we are firm believers that very soon, one of the most powerful ways to communicate efficiently and attract more people to your cause will be through augmented and virtual reality. This motivates us to continue providing educational information about the power of immersive technologies and to create accessible AR & VR solutions for the niches that can greatly benefit from these technologies. We have educated and helped many organizations and individuals to optimize their communications. Some of the areas where we’ve achieved the most success are:








Grocery Stores

Food Manufacturing

Social Enterprises

Beverage Industry and Drinks

We also know that AR, VR & MR will continue to be a growing part of many other life areas, motivating us to create even more high-quality information and custom solutions in the spectrum of augmented, virtual and mixed realities.

Welcome to the website of ”Technologies and Innovations” Foundation. An independent non-profit organization in public benefit, registered in the European Union, focused on popularizing and informing about VR, AR and MR technologies and solutions that share a clear message, help make smart decisions, improve the working process and enhance the quality of life.