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The mission of “Technologies and Innovations” Foundation is to support, promote and educate about innovations and cutting edge tools and techniques which inspire and challenge people for new ventures and enhance their quality of life. The main goal is to use our experience to teach and inform people and organizations about VR, AR and MR technologies and contents that share a clear message, help make smart decisions or improve the working process. Our main reasons are that we believe modern technologies are a bridge to the future that plays an immense role in economic growth and how people interact with the surrounding environment.

The potential to achieve positive change is present in collaboration between dedicated individuals and innovative industry leaders. We have witnessed the power of volunteers on many occasions.

For us, it is obvious that volunteering is a crucial part of the development of our society. Of course, as in every other area, coordination and planning are of great importance if we aim to achieve better results and high efficiency. Volunteering in our organization is a great chance to acquire practical social skills while simultaneously increasing knowledge in the area of augmented and virtual reality.

Welcome to the website of ”Technologies and Innovations” Foundation. An independent non-profit organization in public benefit, registered in the European Union, focused on popularizing and informing about VR, AR and MR technologies and solutions that share a clear message, help make smart decisions, improve the working process and enhance the quality of life.