The mission of “Technologies and Innovations” Foundation is to support, promote and educate about innovations and cutting edge tools and techniques which inspire and challenge people for new ventures and enhance their quality of life. The main goal is to use our experience to teach and inform people and organizations about VR, AR and MR technologies and contents that share a clear message, help make smart decisions or improve the working process. Our main reasons are that we believe modern technologies are a bridge to the future that plays an immense role in economic growth and how people interact with the surrounding environment.

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The team of ”Technologies and Innovations” Foundation is built by passionate individuals with a high moral drive. Our Foundation is highly fascinated by the numerous possibilities that today’s technologies provide to every individual or organization that is ready to explore the enormous potential of technology and innovations. We have dedicated our efforts to developing a community that enjoys the power of modern tech and is eager to explore how technologies are changing our physical world forever. For us, one of the most dynamic technologies which are currently experiencing rapid development and growth are Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Studies point out that the potential and the opportunities for implementation in regards to improving people’s lives is huge. For instance, in the areas of education, art and health, to name a few industries. Our experience in those and other fields in developing AR & VR solutions shows the same patterns.